Art and the occupation- Frithjof Tidemand-Johannessen

What has been happening in the population of the occupied countries? Why do we have to say definitely "yes" to the forces the war has driven to consciousness? Everywhere the opposition to the German occupation made it clear that if the struggle were to succeed, all the illegal forces in the nations had to gather … Continue reading Art and the occupation- Frithjof Tidemand-Johannessen

Klasse Kampen / Brecht/ Solidarität Lied/

Auf ihr Völker dieser Erde, einigt euch in diesem Sinn, daß sie jetzt die eure werde, und die große Näherin. Vorwärts und nicht vergessen, worin unsere Stärke besteht! Beim Hungern und beim Essen, vorwärts und nie vergessen: die Solidarität! Schwarzer, Weißer, Brauner, Gelber! Endet ihre Schlächterei! Reden erst die Völker selber, werden sie schnell einig sein. … Continue reading Klasse Kampen / Brecht/ Solidarität Lied/

An interview with Johan Galtung

Transcribed interview with Johan Galtung 13.03.19 J: Johan GaltungP-O: Per-Oskar LeuQ: Victoria Durnak J: Hola, Galtung?P-O: Hello, it's Per-Oskar Leu again from Oslo.J: Yes, hey again, now everything is fine. I just sit in place.P-O: So good. Yes …J: Everything in beautiful order.P-O: Then I sit here with Victoria Durnak, who is a fellow artist … Continue reading An interview with Johan Galtung

Perhaps our ideal “National Episodes” performance site?

Building workers' house. The state police had offices here during the occupation. On August 21, 1942, the Osvald group attempted to carry out a sabotage action, led by Asbjørn Sunde. The sabotage was not completely successful. A person who had been a torturer was killed when some of the explosive exploded. Everyone in the group … Continue reading Perhaps our ideal “National Episodes” performance site?