An interview with Johan Galtung

Transcribed interview with Johan Galtung 13.03.19 J: Johan GaltungP-O: Per-Oskar LeuQ: Victoria Durnak J: Hola, Galtung?P-O: Hello, it's Per-Oskar Leu again from Oslo.J: Yes, hey again, now everything is fine. I just sit in place.P-O: So good. Yes …J: Everything in beautiful order.P-O: Then I sit here with Victoria Durnak, who is a fellow artist … Continue reading An interview with Johan Galtung

Perhaps our ideal “National Episodes” performance site?

Building workers' house. The state police had offices here during the occupation. On August 21, 1942, the Osvald group attempted to carry out a sabotage action, led by Asbjørn Sunde. The sabotage was not completely successful. A person who had been a torturer was killed when some of the explosive exploded. Everyone in the group … Continue reading Perhaps our ideal “National Episodes” performance site?


Figur av SS-Scharführer Walter Kunze, en fryktet fangevokter. Foto: Øivind Bakken/MiA These are the characters we are working on for our first National Episode, Grini's Futures: - Einar Gerhardsen - Prime minister 1945-'51, '55-'63, '63-'65. Det Norske Arbeiderparti (DNA). - Gunnar Jahn - Minister of finances, Venstre (V), and a member of the Norwegian Nobel … Continue reading DRAMATIS PERSONAE GRINI’S FUTURES