Perhaps our ideal “National Episodes” performance site?


Building workers’ house. The state police had offices here during the occupation. On August 21, 1942, the Osvald group attempted to carry out a sabotage action, led by Asbjørn Sunde. The sabotage was not completely successful. A person who had been a torturer was killed when some of the explosive exploded. Everyone in the group who performed the action, except Sunde, was arrested, convicted and executed. Five other resistance people were executed as hostages.

Bygningsarbeidernes hus. Statspolitiet hadde kontorer her under okkupasjonen. Den 21. august 1942 forsøkte Osvaldgruppa å gjennomføre en sabotasjeaksjon, ledet av Asbjørn Sunde. Aksjonen ble avslørt, slik at det meste av sprengstoffet ble ufarliggjort. En person, som skal ha vært torturist, ble drept da noe av sprengstoffet eksploderte. Alle i gruppa som utførte aksjonen, unntatt Sunde, ble pågrepet, dømt og henrettet. Fem andre motstandsfolk ble henrettet som gisler. 

Also known as:

The fact that the neglected gem looks crappy on the inside just adds to the attraction. What better place than this “non-site” could we possibly ask for to address recent Norwegian history? Post-industrial society, the decline of unionized labor… It’s all there, right between Youngstorget and the deserted government building.

And it’s super central. And there’s a frieze depicting a guy holding a hammer above the entrance.
But check THIS out everyone: Guess who designed the building?

Frode Rinnan was arrested on 11 June 1941 for working on an illegal newspaper. He was imprisoned at Møllergata 19 until July 1941, then at Grini concentration camp until April 1942, then at Møllergata again until August 1943, then at Grini again until 30 September 1943.
By the way: it did not always look so cheerful:

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