Rose Hammer goes to BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

Propositions #9/2: Training “The Plague” with Rose Hammer & lecture Transfixing Fascist Episteme with Tom Holert

Rose Hammer: Grini and The Futures of Norway, National Episodes, osloBIENNALEN Photos by Niklas R Lello Performance on 26 May at Perlen, Oslo


This second day of the week of Propositions #9 Deserting from the Culture Wars consists of a training with Rose Hammer (Stacey E. Devoe, Dora Garcia, Nora Joung, Per-Oskar Leu, Niels Munk Plum; Oslo), and a public program including the lecture Transfixing Fascist Episteme with Tom Holert.

TRAINING #2: 13.30–17.30

  with Rose Hammer (Stacey E. Devoe, Dora Garcia, Nora Joung, Per-Oskar Leu, and Niels Munk Plum; Oslo)
Rose Hammer is an artistic persona consisting of twenty artists that was created as a response to an invitation from osloBIENNALEN to create a work in public space. Rose Hammer aims to escape the logic of the individual artist, becoming instead a transnational, transgenerational, and transdisciplinary persona. The group carefully considers relatively unknown stories at the origin of mainstream notions of identity, nationality, and history, in order to construct a counter narrative, and to present it following the rules of Brechtian agitprop: with explicit, clearly formulated political positions, non-hierarchical dynamics, and a reductio ad absurdum of notions such as professionality, virtuosity, and entertainment. The presentations are always site- and context specific. In this training, Rose Hammer introduces participants to their new project, based on The Plague by Albert Camus and the opera of the same name by Roberto Gerhard. The participants are guided through a classical session of Rose Hammer group work, using as material one of the chapters of the novel/opera, and involving singing, dancing, and dialogue.

more info here.

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